Moving violations and the Missouri points system

If you are found guilty of a moving violation in Missouri, the State assesses “points” against your license.  Under Missouri law, the State can and will suspend or revoke your drivers license if you accumulate too many points over certain periods of time.

If you receive 8 points over an 18 month period, the State can suspend your license.  If you receive 12 points over a 12 month period, 18 points over a 24 month period, or 24 points over a 36 month period, the State can revoke your license.

A speeding violation is worth 3 points.  A careless driving violation is worth 4 points.  With these simple mistakes, someone could be on the verge of losing his or her license.

We will work on your behalf to avoid the assessment of points against your license, and prevent suspension or revocation.  Under Missouri law, some people are able to attend a driving safety program instead of receiving points against their license.  Sometimes, we will be able to work out a plea to a non-points violation.

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